Kevin Wathey

Synchronicity Yoga

Kevin Wathey is the founder of Synchronicity, an international retreat leader, consultant, entrepreneur, and sought-after business coach for health and wellness professionals.

Synchronicity is a company with intention, and a mission to empower others to achieve their true potential through their trainings, retreats, and events that span the globe.

After suffering the devastating loss of his mother early in his life… a spontaneous trip to Bali, Indonesia led him to discover the profound impact a daily yoga and mindfulness practice has on your mental health.

Jasmine Pickett

My name is Jasmine Pickett and I am the founder of Jazzy Fit where I specialize in the athletic and psychological development of young athletes.  I founded Jazzy Fit in 2014 and my main focus was on general fitness for individuals of all ages. Over the years, it has transitioned into more sport specific training for athletes and the mental skills needed to be successful all around. While athletic and psychological development of young athletes is my main focus, I do still enjoy working with individual for general fitness and pushing them towards reaching their personal fitness goals.